What You Need to Know About Oil Changes

Every driver goes through an oil change. It is a vital part of ensuring your vehicle's health, and it is one of the ways you can extend your vehicle's overall longevity.

How do you know when it's time to change your oil, though? What are the warning signs of low oil? How do you check your oil? These are all questions that can be easily answered.

Symptoms of Low Oil, and How to Check Your Oil

There are a few different warning signs you will notice if you have extremely low oil. If you smell burning oil while you are driving, you notice your oil pressure light flickering on the dashboard, or you hear knocking sounds, you likely have extremely low oil.

Checking your oil is pretty simple:

  1. Once your vehicle's hood is cool to touch, lift the hood, and remove your dipstick, which is in the engine. It is important to wipe the dipstick clean the first time you pull it out.
  2. Once it is wiped off with a clean cloth or rag, place the dipstick back in the engine.
  3. Take the dipstick out again, and check the shaded area. If your oil level is between the shaded area -- which indicates a normal oil level -- then you do not need more oil.
    • If your oil level is too low you will need to add some and recheck the level until it is reading normal. Make sure you use the correct oil type that your vehicle requires (ex: 5W-20).
    • If your oil level is too high you will want to bring your vehicle in to be checked out by our service team.

Signs You Need to Change Your Oil

If you notice the following things, you may need to change your oil:

  • Your oil light is illuminated
  • Your oil is dark and dirty -- clean oil has an amber hue, while dirty oil is much darker.
  • Your engine is making loud knocking, clicking, or clapping noises

Need to Have Your Oil Changed? Visit Us Today?

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