Lease a Subaru on Long Island

Lease a New Subaru on Long Island

Are you in the market for a reliable, safe and fun to drive car or crossover, but want to keep your costs as low as possible? When you lease a new Subaru at our dealership on Long Island, you can upgrade to the perfect edition of any new Outback, Forester, Ascent or Impreza without investing a huge amount in a down payment or spending much on a monthly basis. Leasing is a great way to go for many shoppers here at our Wantagh, NY Subaru dealership, and to get started, we encourage you to apply for financing right now before heading over to our dealer serving Suffolk and Nassau counties today.

Advantages of a New Subaru Lease

Keeping your car-shopping costs as low as possible is the key highlight of a new Subaru lease here in Wantagh. For well-qualified shoppers, we offer new Subaru lease deals and specials that allow you to put either nothing or very little down up front, or you can pay more up front to keep your monthly lease payments as low as can be. Depending on the outcome of your finance application, we'll find you the right new Subaru lease deal that makes sense for your budget, and for the specific edition of the Legacy, Crosstrek or WRX you want to drive around Massapequa and beyond.

Along with keeping your payments down, leasing is a great way to fit a higher trim level with more features and amenities into your budget. While every Subaru is generously equipped in their starting levels, upgrading to a top trim will often add a more-powerful engine, extra safety features and other amenities that could be costly to invest in when buying with a new car loan. Along with the budget you're shopping with, your top priority should be buying a new Subaru with the style, performance levels and features you want for your Long Island travels, and we'll be here in Wantagh to help you find the right fit.

New Subaru Leases Leave You With Short-Term Flexibility

Most shoppers know the value of any Subaru is with its long-term durability and long-lasting nature, so investing in purchasing a new Outback, Forester or any other from this lineup is a great way to go. That said, you'll be compelled to put down more money up front and you'll typically have either higher monthly loan payments or a longer term of paying off your auto loan. That's why leasing is a great way to go for many shoppers, as you'll get more car for your buck, and at the end of your term, you'll have some great options.

When your two- or three-year Subaru lease term ends, you can go in several directions. If you've come to really love your Forester or Impreza, you'll have the option to buy your Subaru outright for whatever value we determine it has remaining, and from there, you can expect many more miles and years on the roads of Long Island in a Subaru with plenty of life left to give. Of course after two or three years, your specific Subaru model might be outdated compared to a completely redesigned version, so you might want to end your current lease and start a new one with an updated Legacy or Crosstrek. Finally, you might end your lease, pay off any overage charges for mileage or wear and tear, and go in a new direction by buying one of our new Subaru models, one of our quality used cars or finding something else.

There are several advantages in leasing a new Subaru, including having service and maintenance primarily covered through your vehicle's warranty. With that in mind, leasing a new model from Hassett Subaru in Wantagh is a great way to go for your Long Island travels, so visit us today and we'll be happy to get you started.