Subaru vehicles are built for conquering the winter weather conditions we get in the Long Island area, but it's important to ensure that your vehicle is ready for winter before you embark on your next outing in inclement weather. The temperatures and conditions of winter can cause your vehicle a lot of stress, which is why it's important to ensure that your vehicle is properly prepared for the months ahead. At Hassett Subaru in Wantagh, we provide quick and convenient winter maintenance on all vehicles, letting all drivers take on the tough conditions ahead with confidence.

What is Winter Service?

Winter service starts at inspecting and running diagnostics on your vehicle to ensure we can address any issues that might turn into larger problems. We consult with you before we perform any maintenance to be as transparent as possible.

Check or Change Your Tires

When driving around the Massapequa area, we suggest having winter tires equipped so you can be prepared for whatever the weather has to bring. We'll check your tires for you to make sure that the tread and condition of the tires are ready for winter weather conditions. If you need new winter tires, we can help you pick out the right ones for your traveling needs around Nassau County.

Check Oil and Fluids

The cold temperatures around Suffolk County can make your motor oil thicker, limiting it from properly protecting, lubricating, and keeping your engine at the right temperatures. That's why it's important to get your oil changed now before your engine receives that stress. The same thing goes for your other fluids, as we'll check them, refill them, or if need be, flush and replace them.

Other Important Winter Services

  • Change windshield wipers
  • Check and change lights
  • Check your battery
  • Check the brakes
  • Much more

Learn More About Winter Service and Schedule a Service Appointment Today

We invite you to learn more about winter maintenance and why it's so important for keeping your vehicle performing at the highest level for many miles to come. If you want to prepare your vehicle for winter, you can schedule a service appointment online at the most convenient date and time for you today.

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