Wantagh Drivers, Don’t Skip Out on Servicing Your Car

Staying up to date on servicing your car can be a headache. We get it, you’re busy, you have to get to work with as minimal distractions as possible. Adding more to an already full plate is something nobody wants, but you can find yourself so much worse off if you ignore your due diligence.

Unfortunately, servicing a vehicle means more than just making sure you have a full tank and clean windshields. Fortunately, the expert team at Hassett Subaru is ready to serve you whenever you need it. We offer a wide array of services including oil changes, tire changes and rotations, and wheel alignments. You don’t to be stuck on State Route 27 halfway to JFK and end up breaking down on the side of the road in the middle of winter, do you? Of course not, nobody does.

So please, don’t hesitate to stop in to Hassett Subaru if you suspect your vehicle needs servicing. We’ve compiled some basic warning signs to be aware of when you need an oil change, tire service, or alignment. If any of these signs look familiar to you, please don’t hesitate to schedule a service appointment. For a full look at our service offerings, head over here.

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